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Harakat’s CEO Meets with Head of Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Director of Industries and Commerce and Deputy Director of Kandahar’s Public Health Department.

Date: 2020-06-20

On June 20, 2020, Mr. Noor Alam Hakimyar, Harakat’s CEO, separately met with Mr. Nasurllah Zaheer, Chairman of Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Investment (KCCI), Mr.  Abdul Baqi Bina, Director of Industries and Commerce in Kandahar, and Mr. Mosa Jan Sultani, Deputy Director of Kandahar’s Public Health Department.


In this meeting, Mr. Hakimyar provided information about USAID and Harakat partnership that provides support to have proper disinfection facilities at the border of Spin Boldak. It is one of the requirements to trade across borders during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Harakat will also organize Public-Private Dialogue on trade and transit, bringing Government officials and the business community together. Through this PPD, Harakat will pave the way for business owners and traders to directly share their concerns and solutions with the government officials. It will also be a conducive opportunity for the business community to directly hear from government officials regarding challenges on the way of exports and imports, too. Both events will be organized in the next few days.


Harakat also intends to share the result of this PPD with relevant ministries in Kabul and donors to reais the voice of business owners and the private sector.


On behalf of KCCI, Mr. Zaheer appreciated Harakat’s and USAID’s Spin Boldak project as well as Harakat’s PPD in Kandahar City. He indicated that both initiatives are timely and necessary. He added that it has long been that traders’ Containers are stopped and stacked in Spin Boldak border post. He noted that one of the reasons that Pakistan does not allow Afghanistan’s exports is the disinfection issue. “After launching this project, Pakistan would not have any pretext to ban Afghanistan’s exports,” he said. He also appreciated Harakat’s PPD in Kandahar and asked Harakat to convey Kandahar’s traders’ concerns and problems with the government officials in Kabul.

Mr. Bina and Sultani also thanked Harakat for launching disinfecting project in Spin Boldak and conducting PPD in Kandahar City.