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Harakat signs MoU with Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines (ACIM)

Date: 2020-04-30

On April 30, 2020, Harakat – Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organisation (H-AICFO) signed an MoU with the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines (ACIM). The MoU was signed between Mr. Noor Alam Hakimyar, Harakat’s CEO, and Mr. Rahimullah Samandar, ACIM’s CEO.

This MoU intends to set arrangements following discussions between H- AICFO and ACIM leadership and confirms parties’ commitment to deepen and strengthen the deliberate partnership between the parties, including co-financing in matters of communal areas of interest and to set out areas for more strategic cooperation. 

According to this MoU, both sides will cooperate in exchanging information, experience and a joint approach to remove barriers to the private investment in Afghanistan and inclusive economic growth. Also, it paves the way for the parties to initiate joint advocacy efforts for Private Sector Development within the limitation of their respective resources, mandates, procedures, directives, and policies. 

In addition, parties agreed to collaborate on the promotion, preparation, and organization of joint seminars, conferences, roadshows, public-private sector dialogues, briefings, and information sessions. Both sides also agreed to have joint research projects to explicitly identify national industries sectors that have competitive advantages. Research and other information will be used to inform policies of the Government of Afghanistan to promote national industries and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).In the event, Mr. Hakimyar said, “AICM is one of the key chambers in Afghanistan, and, if this chamber becomes well-functional, it will have a great impact on the country’s economy.” He added, “Harakat had been keen to closely work with ACIM; therefore, this MoU has set a framework for future cooperation.”

Following Mr. Hakimyar’s remarks, Mr. Samandar, alongside thanking Harakat for this initiative, said that Harakat’s works have been vital for Afghanistan, and the organization has diligently supported private sector in the country. He added, “Since ACIM is newly established, Harakat cooperation would be crucial for its development and success. Harakat cooperation will also have a huge impact on this chamber’s sustainability and future growth of national industries.”