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Harakat Signs MoU with Afghanistan Ministry of Economy

Date: 2020-06-02

On June 2, 2020, Harakat – Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organisation (H-AICFO) signed an MoU with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Economy (MoE). The MoU was signed between Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Shams, Harakat’s Program Director, and Mr. Nabi Sroosh, Acting Deputy Minister of Economy for Policy.

The MoU starts with both entities agreeing on joint efforts to maintain a close working relationship, continue to achieve common objectives, and to implement other clauses stated and agreed on the MoU. Within the areas of cooperation, both parties will also collaborate on matters of common concerns, implementation of joint programs and program activities.

Also, within the limitation of their respective resources, mandates, procedures, and policies, both sides will strive to have collaborative advocacy for the growth of Private Sector Development, Public Private Partnerships, Public Private Dialogues, Investment Facilitation, Legal and Regulatory Reforms and Women Economic Inclusion.

In the MoU signing ceremony, Mr. Sroosh noted that the Ministry hopes that all the commitments mentioned in the MoU will be achieved on time and the specified projects will have a great impact on the country’s economic development. He also stated that, “The Ministry would like for Harakat to support economic analysis and survey projects.”

After re-affirming Harakat’s commitment that highlighted on the MoU, Mr. Shams said, “Both Harakat’s management and its donors (DFID and Sida) have been interested to commence cooperation with the Ministry of Economic and to sign this MoU.  This MoU will cover all the projects that the Ministry wants Harakat to support, and we also want to expand our cooperation with the Ministry.”