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Mohammad Mansoor Majid

Board Member

Mohammed Mansoor Majid is one of the most successful businessman in Afghanistan. He is a visionary entrepreneur and has spent approx. sixteen years working his way up the ladder of success in the amazing and exciting journey. It is but natural that his stories are set against the backdrop of the stories of rebuilding Afghanistan. He established, invested and launched many different and highly successful business in Afghanistan which includes Majid Mall - the best shopping mall in Kabul and preferred destination in entertainment and retail business with many firsts in Afghanistan.

He is the founder and promoter of Rugby sports in Afghanistan. He is the only businessman who has been funding and promoting Rugby development projects in Afghanistan. He is the founder of the Afghanistan Rugby Foundation (ARF) and has been its President since 2011 and with his efforts Afghanistan Rugby Federation has got the associate membership of the Asia Rugby and he has also assisted the Federation to participate in many regional and international competition successfully.

He is also the Owner of many International brands in Afghanistan like- Clarks, Chicking, Turkish Hyper Market, Turkish Restaurant and Orange Electronics to name a few. He is an active and known business personalities in the elite Afghan business community in Dubai, UAE and has helped organize many cultural and business events for Afghan Community in Dubai.

Mohammed Mansoor is an enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic and an idea developer, creative and self-motivated person with strong communication and interpersonal skills and business development experience in Afghanistan. United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Europe. Most significantly, He has also been awarded a European Professional Doctorate (Ph. D) in Business Leadership and International Relations by Aldersgate College, Dublin, Ireland.