Board Chairman and Founding Board Member, 2009 to present

Karim, Chief Executive Officer of Roshan, has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, including starting and managing extremely successful GSM companies in Pakistan, Poland, Croatia, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Under his leadership, Roshan has grown to be Afghanistan's market leader, with six million customers. Karim started his GSM career as CEO for Mobilink in Pakistan, and then launched Era GSM in Poland. He went on to form the company, HTMobile, from Croatia Telecom. Over the last ten years, Karim has dedicated his time to the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) to bring competition and best practices to the telecommunication industry in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. He has focused not only on financial results, but also on how technology can be used to change lives. Karim serves on the Board of several international companies, and is as an advisor to the GSMA Development Fund.

Founding Board Member, 2009 to 2016

Malalai is a US-trained attorney with a BA in Political Science from Trinity College and a JD from New York Law School. She has worked extensively in Afghanistan serving as an attorney and legal advisor on private sector reform in the energy and commercial sectors. The projects Malalai has contributed to in Afghanistan include the commercialization of the power operator, successful promulgation of the financial leasing law and the establishment of an interim power regulator. Malalai has managed a successful law practice in Kabul, taught at the American University of Afghanistan and was founding member of AMCHAM and the New York City-based Rebuilding Afghanistan Foundation. In addition, she served as the Chief Legal Officer of Roshan. She continues to serve as an advisor to Roshan and intends to remain committed to serving and promoting private sector development in Afghanistan. Malalai is enrolled at Georgetown Law School and obtaining her LLM in International Business and Economics Law.

Founding Board Member, 2009 to presen

Tamim returned to Afghanistan from the United States in late 2002 to participate in the rebuilding process. His interests include information technologies and telecommunications, agro-business and print media companies in Afghanistan. His international experience includes management and executive roles in a number of leading telecommunication companies in the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil and Mexico. He has applied his experience to pressing and complex national projects and personally invested in the private sector to create economic independence - prosperity through meaningful jobs, new opportunities and peace through economic development.

Board Member, 2010 to present

David is a development specialist with over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors. In Afghanistan, he has advised on economic strategy, infrastructure and on the design, management and review of development programs. He has also worked recently in the Caribbean, East Africa and the Balkans. David was previously Global Director of Country and Economic Research with the Economist Intelligence Unit in London. He spent five years as CEO of Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian, the economic development agency for the city of Edinburgh and its surrounding region, as well as two years as CEO of the Confederation of Forest Industries Ltd (UK). He has served as a non-executive Director in the health, property and tourism sectors.

Board Member, 2011 to present

Simon is a development specialist with expertise in business environment reform, private sector development, entrepreneurship, and regional and local economic development. He has worked at local, national and international levels in policy design and evaluation, program development and management, as well as in strategic planning and organizational development. Simon has worked as a self-employed consultant since 1990 in over 25 countries and has worked with a wide range of donor and development agencies, governments and business membership organizations in the design and assessment of business environment reform programs.

Board Member, 2016 to present

Sanzar is the Chairman of Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG), a professional business services firm based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Prior to this, he worked for Merrill Lynch in the U.S. as a Technology Analyst on a trading desk for bonds and equities, creating a link for automatic reporting to the New York Stock Exchange. He then joined Acap Partners in Afghanistan as an Investment Associate, setting up a US$20 million venture capital facility and sourcing over 300 new deals for consideration. As Executive Advisor to the Attorney General's Office of Afghanistan on a U.S. Department of State program, Sanzar reorganized the institution and set up a nationwide paper and computer criminal case management system. Sanzar also served as an Economic Advisor for Harakat, setting up operational and fiduciary requirements for the grant facility's seven-year program in Kabul. Sanzar holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master's in Business Administration from the Warwick Business School. He is fluent in English, Pashtu and Dari.