“The School of Accounting has changed my life from dust to gold,” says Elyas Roheen, citing an Afghan proverb. In tenth grade, Elyas enrolled in a vocational program in preparation of joing his father’s small business in his Kabul, where he would do computer maintenance and electrical repairs. However, this all changed when he learnerd about the American University of Afghanistan’s School of Accounting course. He began the course in 2015, studying auditing, corporate and business law, financial accounting and taxation. After graduating in 2017, he worked as a national auditor for the President’s Office and then as an auditor at the Ministry of Public Health. Elyas is the last person to comment on audits before they are sent to President Ghani. “Without my ACCA training, I would never have been considered for this position,” said Elyas. “This kind of work requires the knowledge and understanding of charter accountancy that I gained at the School of Accounting.” In the next five years, Elyas hopes to open his own accounting firm. He credits the School of Accounting for his growing success and is encouraging his sister to enroll. Harakat funded the establishment of the American University of Afghanistan’s School of Accounting in 2010, off the back of a 2007 World Bank Report indicating that Afghanistan only had three national chartered accountants. To date, 787 students are enrolled, demonstrating both the demand in the market for qualified accountants as well as the high standard under which the School of Accounting operates.

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