When Magol’s husband deserted her and their four children, she was desperate and had nowhere to turn. She left their home in Ghazni and moved to Kabul to grow and sell vegetables. Gradually, she built up enough business to support her family. After three years of working in her own yard, she learned that she could lease land from ARAZI, the Harakat-funded land lease project. In 2015, she leased one jerib of land for an annual fee of 3,150 Afs. Her harvest was abundant, and she bought four sheep with the revenue. Through the land she leased from ARAZI, Magol’s life changed dramatically. She is now making enough money to put her children through school. "I will not let my children collect garbage and sell plastic," Magol said. “I will work hard to help them grow and continue their education.” Harakat funded the ARAZI project in September 2009 to improve land offer and lease procedures in Afghanistan, as well as access to government lands for commercial purposes. The result has been a streamlined land lease process, reducing the process from 6 months to 1 or 2 months and the number of steps in the procedure from 52 to 11. Since its inception, 111,543 hectares of land across the country have been leased to farmers and the private sector, far exceeding ARAZI’s initial target of 25,000 hectares leased. Three thousand lease contracts have been signed with investors, exceeding the initial target of 700. Government revenue collection has increased from 25 million AFS annually to 209 million AFS. Through the ARAZI project, the private sector has saved an estimated US$17,421,720, while private sector investment has created 19,384 jobs. Through projects like this, Harakat and its partners are making it easier to do business in Afghanistan.

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