Provision of Firm for Web site and Branding Guideline Development

Close Date: 2020-04-07

Harakat is an independent and non-profit Afghan-managed organization, funded by Department for International Development (DFID) and Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA). It aims to improve Afghanistan’s business environment. It is registered with the Ministry of Economy, Government of Afghanistan, as a non-profit organization. Harakat concentrates its efforts on creating an enabling environment for a strong, active, and viable private sector committed to contributing to Afghanistan’s economic growth agenda. Afghanistan’s private sector continues to face critical investment climate constraints, which restrain gains in investment and productivity. To address these constraints, Harakat Afghanistan Investment Climate Programme (Harakat-AICP) has been founded to support initiatives to increase private sector investment and economic growth in Afghanistan through facilitating the removal of investment climate constraints. Harakat, through its below mission pillars, wants to achieve its mission and vision.

After a period of hiatus, building on its first phase of operation and the lessons learned, Harakat has resumed its second phase of operation with the new mission, vision and business case. To resume its activities, the new Board of Directors were recruited and the new Senior Executive Team (SET) joined Harakat in March 2019. Harakat determined that its website needs improvements in order to be able to provide effective and thorough description of Harakat’s services and offerings in a user-friendly online environment. They also determined that Harakat needs a branding guide line. 

Harakat, therefore, is looking for recruiting a firm to design and develop its website and branding guideline in accordance to the organization’s communication strategy.

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