About Us

About Harakat

Harakat is an independent, non-profit, and Afghan-led, organization aiming to improve Afghanistan's business environment. We work with the private sector, the government and civil society to implement activities aimed at reducing or removing barriers to business in Afghanistan. Harakat acts as a bridge between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) and the private sector. It is committed to supporting and fostering inclusive economic growth through the creation of the private sector in Afghanistan. Harakat aspires to strengthen industries across the country to create jobs, elevate people from poverty, and lead to the fiscal sustainability of GoIRA by increased taxes coming from sustainable businesses. .

Harakat follows on the successes of Harakat Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility, a program funded by the UK Department of International Development (DFID) from 2009-2015. This program's 36 projects laid the foundation for a better business environment in Afghanistan.

Increase private sector investment and economic growth in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's business environment is transparent, straightforward, offers equal opportunities, and promotes fair competition.



Harakat’s impact and its well-known brand as a trusted organization is our most treasured asset.


Harakat is an Afghan-led and Afghan-managed organization to help foster a prosperous business environment in Afghanistan.


Harakat's quality of work, professionalism, projects, and determination is unmatched.


We lead by example and hold ourselves accountable, which results in higher performance.


Harakat's foundation is built on transparency, not only with its employees but also with its stakeholders, donors, businesses it supports, and external stakeholders.


Harakat focuses on outcomes and results for a better investment environment in Afghanistan.

Equal opportunities

Harakat has a nondiscriminatory policy for internal and external relationships.

Our Programs

Harakat Works in Six Areas

Trade & Transit

Provides high-level technical assistance to the Afghan Government and private sector stakeholders to critically analyze the deeply rooted trade and transit issues

Public Private Partnership

Improve services by helping government agencies partner with companies for big infrastructure projects.

Public Private Dialogue

Interest in Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) is fairly recently introduced and is a growing phenomenon in Afghanistan.

Investment Facilitation

Increase investor confidence by helping to put in place mechanisms to protect investor rights.

Legal and Regulatory Reform

Make it easier to do business by helping to improve laws and regulations.

Women’s Economic Inclusion

Get more women to join the formal workforce by helping to remove obstacles that have held them back.