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Harakat is an independent, non-profit, Afghan-managed organization that aims to improve Afghanistan’s business environment.We provide grant funds to the private sector, government and civil society to implement activities to reduce or remove barriers that currently make it difficult to do business in Afghanistan. We started operating in 2008 and have since worked diligently to improve the country’s investment climate.

We are Afghan-managed, and know the particular challenges and barriers that face businesses trying to maximise opportunities and returns here in Afghanistan. We know that issues of corruption, bureaucracy and non-enforceable policies are real threats to economic growth.

That’s why we provide grants to relevant entities that have solid ideas to tackle these issues and create a flourishing investment environment.

We started with a £30 million (≈US$50 million) fund and we aim to increase the total amount to US$100 million from private sector and donor contributions, so we can continue to fund practical, rapid-result projects that promote the following 8 priority areas
Harakat 8 Priority Areas for Funding:
  1. Financial markets that provide greater access to finance and affordable credit to all sizes of business, especially SME’s;
  2. Streamlined and more effective regulations and creation of regulatory impact assessment systems;
  3. Increased private sector investment in infrastructure, especially energy, water, agriculture and transportation;
  4. More equitable and efficient taxation and customs systems;
  5. Strengthened property rights and more effective contract enforcement;
  6. Higher workforce productivity and mobility and improved labour market regulation
  7. Strengthened competition policy that reduces anti-competitive practices; and
  8. Improved capacity of government and institutions to tackle corruption.
 For further information about Harakat, please download our brochure here.
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